Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year....

Congratulations!!!!! For making it into 2014 and a Happy New Year. This would be a year of unlimited opportunities, favour and God's abundant blessings. For me its a year of new beginnings.

I am back from my 3 month hiatus and I must confess I missed blogging about all the wonderful wedding ideas, tips and pictures I share. A lot happened during the period I was on break; I was in an intensive training school for a bank, got married Yay!!! and then quit the bank job. I swear banking is not for me; all your life is spent at work and no time to enjoy the favorite things of life or even enjoy the money been paid. It was a crazy decision but I had to make it, probably by the end of this year I can smile at my accomplishments and how far I have gone.

My advice is in 2014 we should let go of fears, restraints, limitations and take bold steps to achieving whatever we have dreamt of doing.

Kisses & hugs...

Friday, 18 October 2013

The beauty that is Africa

Let's celebrate the beauty of Africans today, our culture, heritage and our women. Africans are indeed beautiful, I came across these pictures and all I could say was; WHOA!!!! 

Real Wedding: Ronke and Wole

Hello Dears, Its Friday!!!! Yay finally the weekend is here. Nigeria's largest wedding exhibition; WED Expo would be take place this weekend in Abuja, hope to see you there, there would be huge wedding discounts and giveaways, I hope I would have lovely pictures of the event to post here. 

Today we have the wedding of a beautiful couple, Ronke and Wole they had a fun wedding and it really shows in the pictures. 

A million thank you's to Fotos by Fola for these amazing pictures, you can visit his site; 


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Bridal hairstyles

Thinking of the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day? I have here some lovely updo's that would take your hubby's breath away.

Indian Brides

My lovies, I am so so sorry I haven't been blogging as often as I should, I am on this training programme that is taking all of my time. I promise to blog as often as I can. Please stick with me and I would continue to give you what you really love to read and view. 

Today we would be going all the way to India and featuring some amazing Indian brides, we all love some Bollywood in our lives; but wait, these people have made us believe you could just go singing and dancing on the streets and everyone would know the lyrics of the song and your dance steps and join you in the fun. 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Honeymoon Destination: The Seychelles

The Seychelles is the perfect concoction of luxury, serenity, and bliss. Scattered like jewels in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles islands are just 4 degrees south of the equator. These islands will enchant you with the friendliness of their people, breathtaking beauty, turquoise lagoons, and soft sand beaches. Its archipelago is made up of 115 islands, some of which are Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, Curieuse, Cousin, Cousine, Fregate, Felicite, North Island & Silhouette. 
Mahé Island is the main island and home to the international airport and the capital, Victoria. While the inner islands give you a cultural, historical and economical outlook of the destination, the other more isolated islands allow you a more ecological and serene perspective of the island.

The islands are sandy and shaded with palm and coconut trees. We believe that this destination is ideal for those who are looking for an island holiday where you are offered the finest selection of hotels from the luxurious hotel chains. Guests have the exclusive choice of transfers between the islands by plane, boat or helicopter. The activities to look out for in Seychelles are diving, fishing, cruising, sailing and water sports of all kinds.  

Pre Wedding Shoot: Victoria and Francis

Good morning Dears, I have the pre wedding shots of Victoria and Francis courtesy of Daniel from DW Photography, Calabar. Thank you Daniel the pictures are awesome and congrats to Victoria and Isaac. Although I believe they have been married for a while now; it doesn't matter just have fun looking at the pictures.